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Royal jelly, propolis, apitherapy and bee pollen. What even is that?

Aktualisiert: 25. Aug. 2020

Explore the secrets of bee medicine and the incredible possibilities they offer you. There is so much more than just honey. The bee produces high quality products that can support your health and beauty. Did you know that apitherapy (Latin Apis = bee) is the medicinal use of bee products as a natural healing method in which bee products are used for the prevention, healing and recovery of diseases. In German-speaking countries, this has so far been relatively unknown. In this article we present the most important products from the beehive.

Let's go...

A bee is capable of high performance. A bee can fly 1 km in 2 minutes. The bee has to fly up to 1.5 million flowers to collect 1 kg of honey. Therefore, a bee reaches up to 30 flowers per minute. The bee colony has strict rules that must be followed by every single bee. As a result, it is also known as the "queen bee court". Each bee has a task and depending on the age (lifespan of the summer bee 50-60 days - winter bee up to 9 months) the roles are clearly distributed.

A colony of bees has around 60,000 worker bees, several hundreds of drones and a queen bee.

The bees produce all products themselves and can therefore be seen as real-life natural wonders. The bee produces the following products:

  • Royal Jelly

  • Propolis

  • Bee pollen

  • honey

  • Bee venom

  • Beeswax

For centuries, these products have been used in a wide variety of cultures, including ancient Egypt, Greece, within traditional Chinese medicine and many more.

We have summarised the most important key facts for you:

What is apitherapy?

Apitherapy (from Latin Apis = bee) ist the medicinal use of bee products as a natural healing method in which bee products are used to prevent, heal and recover from diseases. In addition, it is said that the bee products offer a wide range of beauty benefits, both internally and externally.

Apitherapy is a scientific, constantly tested healing method on a holistic basis that has long been internationally established. So far, it is still relatively unknown in German-speaking countries. Read more here

The bee products

Royal jelly, propolis, honey and bee pollen contain more than two hundred nutrients and vital substances:

  • Vitamins (e.g. vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin),

  • Minerals (e.g. calcium, potassium, sodium, chlorine),

  • Trace elements (e.g. iron, zinc, copper),

  • Amino acids,

  • Enzymes,

  • Organic acids,

  • Flavonoids,

  • Valuable plant substances

These ingredients strengthen our body, support it gently in the healing of illnesses and prevent any other diseases. They offer an enormous health-promoting potential, which is due to the variety of ingredients.


1) Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is said to have miraculous powers! The yellowish-white jelly is produced by the worker bees exclusively for the queen bee. With royal jelly, the queen bee is fed throughout her life: only with royal jelly does she become so much larger and lives up to 50 times (4 - 5 years) longer than the normal worker bees (50 - 60 days).

In the past, royal jelly was only accessible to the aristocracy. A valuable and royal elixir. The valuable elixir has an unbelievable number of rich ingredients and is used in the cosmetics and healthcare industries.

Royal jelly has many B vitamins, especially B5 or pantothenic acid. In addition to the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, it also has minerals. The many ingredients also have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. They also have a positive effect on the mind and increase performance.

This is not the only reason why royal jelly can be found in many cosmetic products. In our creams, royal jelly can refine the complexion with vitamins A and E. The ingredients can increase collagen formation and thus prevent skin aging.


Here you can find royal jelly in our shop.

2) Propolis

Wow! Who would have thought that nature provides us with such powerful tools!

Propolis is the cement resin used by bees to fight infection and stimulate the immune system. So far, it was known as an insider tip from alternative thinkers and organic lovers, beekeepers and naturopaths. Bereis Plinius and Aristotle report the wound and healing properties of propolis in ancient times. In early Egypt it was also used to mummify the bodies. Different flavonoids and different acids (the best known is acetylsalicylic acid - aspirin) which are contained in propolis are known to "fight" against bacteria and fungi and are said to prevent "intruders" from attaching themselves to healthy cells in the body.


Here you can find propolis in our shop.

3) bee pollen

Bee pollen is tiny granules in or on the flower of a plant. The so-called pollen, or male sperm of the plants, consists of microscopic grains. So the pollen is a collection of tiny parts of the pollen. Few natural foods are blessed with such important nutrients in such a high concentration. It is estimated that the pollen contains more than five thousand enzymes and co-enzymes. Especially in men, the intake can promote potency and the number of sperm. In pregnant women, bee pollen can help meet the additional requirements for essential substances. Athletes have long discovered pollen to increase their energy and stamina with the help of the ingredients.

Natur Power Pur - bee pollen contain not only the vegetable proteins (amino acids) but also hormones and enzymes which have an absolutely great effect on the human organism.


Here you can find pollen in our shop.

4) beeswax

Beeswax is produced by the wax lands of worker bees and used to build honeycombs in the beehive. Beeswax is processed in all kinds of industries and products worldwide. Due to its high vitamin A content, it is used, for example, for skin care as the basis in cosmetic creams. Or as an additive and auxiliary in the food industry and pharmacy, in wood processing, as a polishing agent, as leather care and much more. Of course, also very classic in fragrant candles with beeswax. Beeswax is a true all-round talent.


Here you can find beeswax in our shop.

5) bee venom

In many countries, bee stings are used to treat illnesses or complaints. It may take some getting used to, but in different cultures tens of thousands of patients swear by the healing power of bee venom. In German-speaking countries, this has so far been rather unknown.

The bee venom - medical term apitoxin - is the poison that the bee exudes from its sting when it stings. It is a mixture of different secretions, which are said to have a blood circulation-promoting, bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect. In apitherapy, a method similar to that used in acupuncture is used, in which it is not needles, but bee stings that stimulate the meridans / body points.

Attention! If you have a known allergy, special caution is of course necessary. This method is not suitable for people with a known allergy to bee or wasp stings (anaphylactic reactions). This should only be done by a knowledgeable and experienced doctor or specialist.


6) honey

Good quality honey contains over 200 different ingredients. It is produced by the honeybees for their own food provision. Honey (Latin and pharmacological Mel) is made from the two raw materials nectar and honeydew. The bee flies from flower to flower and collects nectar and honeydew through its long trunk from the calyx. For transportation, this raw material is stored in the so-called honey bubble and brought back to the beehive. Many people love this food. There is a wide range of honey. The different flavors are created by pollinating the different types of flowers and flowering shrubs. Honey has fewer calories than sugar.

A honey bee travels approximately 8,000 kilometers in its lifetime. For 1 kilogram of honey, up to 200,000 flight kilometers (comparable to 7 times around the world) are necessary and up to 1.5 million flowers have to be flown to. You should appreciate that with every pleasure.



Due to the German Medicines Advertising Act, we are not allowed to make any statements about possible or proven healing effects in the case of diseases. There have been numerous studies and traditions worldwide for many centuries. Thousands of scientists from different countries have now studied the compositions, properties, applications, contraindications and dosage instructions of bee products.

We want to give you something to think about through our blogs about natural products, especially bee products.

We assume that if we have piqued your interest, you will also use other sources of information (e.g. internet, book trade, trade magazines, ...) to gain extensive knowledge of natural and bee products. Please note that taking bee products does not replace a doctor's visit if you have health problems. Bee products can be used in addition to medication.

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