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BEAUTY: Rose petal honey with royal jelly: beauty from the outside and the inside

Aktualisiert: 1. Sept. 2020

Cleopatra as well as the Romans and Greeks already knew the secret of honey and bee products. We would like to tell you a very special beauty secret today. Make rose blossom honey and use it as a face mask with royal jelly.

Make your own rose petals honey

What you need:

  • rose petals (approx. 3 roses - unsprayed)

  • 1 jar of honey (preferably a mild variety that is liquid)

  • 2 empty glasses with closure

  • 1 spoon and 1 sieve

Start by separating the rose's head from the style so that you have the leaves in your hand. Then briefly wash the rose petals under running water and clean them. Then pat dry with a towel. Take an empty glass and cover the bottom with some honey. Put rose petals on it, then 1-2 spoons of honey, rose petals again, etc. until the glass is full. Close the jars with a lid. Then let the glasses draw for at least 24 hours. The longer you wait, the more intense the taste and smell. In between, you can turn and shake the glasses again and again. Once your rose petal honey is ready, you can run the honey through a sieve to remove the flowers. The honey now smells wonderfully of rose petals and also tastes like it.

Rose petal honey with royal jelly as a face mask

What you need:

  • 1-2 tbsp rose petal honey

  • 1 pinch of royal jelly

Ensure a relaxed environment, preferably with dimmed lights and suitable music. Now apply the royal jelly very thinly on your face and neck. Wait a moment and then apply the honey.

Apply the honey as thinly as possible so that it does not drip. It's best to put a thin towel around your shoulders so that your clothes don't stick to the honey. Tie the hair into a braid.

The best thing is to lie down relaxed and enjoy your beauty secret. Read a book or close your eyes. If you want, you can also put two cotton floss with rose water on your eyes.

Let the mask soak in for about 15-20 minutes and then wash off thoroughly with lukewarm water. We wish you a magical beauty experience. Enjoy the nice feeling on your skin.

Making rose water:

Fill a small bowl with rose petals. Then pour lukewarm water over it and let it soak. 2-3 hours, or even better overnight.

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